Aussie Towns - Why Are We Here?

A Definitive Travel Guide to Australian Towns and Destinations

More and more people are travelling around Australia. They arrive in a town, look around, head off to the local Visitor Information Centre and are told about the local attractions - possibly a museum, an historic building, a theme park or a National Park.

There is one question that is rarely asked and rarely answered: “Why are we here?? It is the vital question because it gives context and meaning to activities which, otherwise, amount to little more than gawping.

Some questions are obvious.

"Why are we at Mount Augustus in Western Australia?"

"Because most Australians think that Uluru is the largest monolith on the continent but, in reality, Mount Augustus, a massive rock which can be seen from 70km away, is significantly larger and more impressive."

Some questions open up the wonders of the country and the continent.

"Why are we walking up the aisle of the Roman Catholic Church in Quilpie, western Queensland?"

"Because we want to inspect the altar made from thunder eggs. It is possibly the only altar of its kind in the world."

This travel guide covers all the well-known attractions and introduces the reader to Australia in all its eccentricity and uniqueness.