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Candelo, NSW

Small and historically interesting town with a timeless rustic charm.

Candelo is a rural village south-west of Bega which has been designated an urban conservation area. It is a largely untouched and attractive town with timber buildings and a certain timelessness. Its shady verandas invite a leisurely stroll. It is a town with a languid atmosphere and turn-of-the-century charm.



Candelo is located 446 km south of Sydney via the Princes Highway,  495 km via Canberra and Queanbeyan, 24 km south-west of Bega and 587 km from Melbourne.


Origin of Name

No one is sure how Candelo was named but it does share a name with Candelo in Piedmont, Italy. It may have been named after its European namesake.


Things to See and Do

St Peter's Anglican Church
The most important building in Candelo is St Peter's Anglican Church (1906) which was designed by the Blacket brothers. Edmund Blacket was a prominent ecclesiastical architect who designed a number of churches in the Sydney region and was responsible for the Quadrangle and Great Hall at Sydney University.

Candelo Markets
Although the town is small the Candelo Markets have a reputation as the largest on the far South Coast with over 300 stalls. They are held on the first Sunday of the month from 8.30 am - 12.30 pm.


Other Attractions in the Area

Myrtle Mountain Walk
The Myrtle Mountain Walk is located on Myrtle Mountain which can be accessed via Myrtle Mountain Road which runs south from Candelo. There is an excellent lookout on the road which offers panoramic views over the surrounding countryside.



* Prior to European occupation the land around the Candelo Creek was occupied by people from the Yuin Aboriginal language group.

* In the 1830s Candelo became part of the vast South Coast holdings of the Imlay Brothers.

* By the 1840s the land had passed to the Walker Brothers.

* It was sold to the Twofold Bay Pastoral Association in 1852.

* Candelo village developed in the 1860s. It operated as a stopping point for people carting goods through the area from the Monaro and was an important service centre for local farmers.

* In recent times it has become a popular haunt for musicians seeking a quiet retreat from the "music scene" in Melbourne.


Visitor Information

Candelo does not have its own Visitor Information Centre. The closest is the Merimbula Visitor Information Centre, Beach Street, Merimbula, tel: (02) 6495 1129.


Useful Websites

There is a useful local website. Check out https://www.sapphirecoast.com.au/the-region/towns/candelo.

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22 suggestions
  • We recently visited the town of Candelo and were very impressed by the local people. One lady (Member of the Red Cross) went out of her way to say hello and have a chat … Candelo is a lovely country town, quiet and peaceful. We were caravaning at the time and camped by the river for two gloriously relaxing two nights. The general store / cafe is well stocked and the coffee .. good. Across the road is a terrific children’s play area with flying fox, a pub for counter lunches and a bowling club. Lovely place to relax… Thank you.. Candelo

    M Bivard
  • Hi.

    I recently visited Candelo and noticed an old brick building in the main street just down from the cafe. Does anyone know what its history is? I can’t find any information or pictures of it online.

    Stephen Anderson
  • Candelo now has Accommodation in the Village. A Charming Cottage Circa 1880 at 2 Hood Street Candelo NSW. The Cottage is called Candles Cottage and is owned and operated by a Local Family.
    Candles Cottage is very charming and Romantic. It has 3 bedrooms, indoor spa and outdoor spa, private tranquil gardens and open fireplaces.

    Lee Elliott
  • Hello,
    Our mother was born in Candelo – 15th July, 1925 – and we would like to know if the building (medical centre? midwife’s home?) still exists.
    Mum passed away recently, and we will be visiting Candelo in July 2018 in rememberance.

    Can anyone help Naomi?

  • I lived at Candelo in the early 1970s briefly in what used to be one of the town’s general stores, on Sharp Street and had a double pitched roof with original Bushell’s Tea signs on the side. It was torn down about 1974 or 75. Does anyone know anything about the history of the building? I can’t seem to find any images of it either, there are lots of the other general store across the river.

    • Hi Sam, yes I know the building you are speaking of. It was last used as a a General Store owned and run by the Smith Family .. Cliff & Beryl & family. I recall after the shop was vacated some interesting alternate folk kind of squatted in there. I know by name some of those people. Very interesting days .. Graeme. Ex resident of Candelo .. grew up there, left to go to Uni but still go back there. Still a great place.

  • My Husband, Geoff Morrow’s family owned the Morrows Motor Garage. It was in the family for 106 years.The last owner was Doug Morrow./

    Carol Morrow
    • I remember visiting Morrow’s Garage and nearby home as a child. My father Gordon Tindall was Dot Morrow’s brother. It was an absolute priority for Dad to visit his father and all his siblings on the south coast each January. My memories of Candelo in the 50s and 60s are precious.

      Rhonda Seymour
  • Awesome old town with a ton of history behind it:) just wondering if there are any locals reading this who are willing to grant me permission to swing my metal detector around for a bit?? Any jewellery or family heirlooms will be handed back to the owners ? I just love the stories and history that comes with the hobby.

    Jordan Knowles
  • Is there accommodation in the town and how much does it cost…….approx.

    Val Halliwell
    • Val, did you get an answer to your query? I am looking for accommodation, too. I want to visit the town where my mother was born, at the “lying in home”, in 1925.

      Naomi Klahn
  • A beautiful charming town.Please don’t let the government and developers get their hands on it, or as like the Sapphire Coast greed and corruption will destroy it in time.Concrete bridges etc.

    John Amery
  • Loved Candelo yesterday only my 2nd time there, last was about 1994 and it has changed some. However there is still some of the old charm left that first stole my heart. Sorry that we had to miss the market. Does anyone know the history of the very beautiful old house there. Can’t remember the street. Might have been Bega St. Also the Nunnery Rosemont was there a catholic parish there ?

    Cherie Hobday
  • Hi my mother Mona Hines was born in Candelo in 1920.
    She lived with her sisters ( Molly, Vera and Jess) and her brothers (Wally and Hiram).Her mothers name was Alice.
    I would love to have a better understanding of her childhood. Is anyone familiar with the family?She spoke of the church ( not sure of the ministers name) and her grandfather’s farm on top of hill ( grandfather Day).

    Virginia Pacey
  • Is there any visitor accommodation in Candelo itself?

    Naomi Klahn
  • First visited 40 years ago when the kids were little tackers.. Whilst Mum and Dad were enjoying a drink in the pub they were enjoying a jug of raspberry juice and potato chips whilst being mesmerised by a cage full of birds at the back of the pub. Happy Days!

    R Brooks
  • Is there an area in or near town to set up a swag for a night or two?

  • My Uncle Eric Hart had run the Hart family farm in Candelo. My Grandfather was John Hart. I am Adrian Hart son of Norman Hart
    I would love to hear from any family or friends still in the area .